Element : Air

Element : Air


23 MAR
Focus on the wonderful sustaining visitation and presence of each breath in your body. Allow the winds of change to blow through all stagnation.

LA Hood Yoga and The Sonic Sessions join forces to bring you a series of 4 experiential evenings each incorporating Yin Yoga, meditation, sound healing and guided visualisation. Journeying systematically through Water, Air, Fire and Earth each event will focus on one of the four elements, tapping into their individual nature and utilising each of their unique healing properties.

Each element holds an ancient power, an innate wisdom. We learn from them the ability to adapt, to transform, to soften and release, to find empowerment and feel renewed. They give us tools for life, bringing energy, balance and harmony into all that we do.

Unravel and cultivate stillness through Yin Yoga, open up to receive the offering of each element though a specially designed therapeutic sonic experience.

Join us for Air


Apiary Studios

Or treat yourself to the sensorium of the full 4 element series.

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