Training at The British Academy of Sound Therapy

It's through composing my latest work that I began exploring ideas around the animating property of the universe. I was naturally led to the science of Cymatics - the study of sound and frequency making matter dance. From the Big Bang to this day everything is vibrating at is own rate, it's own frequency... sound really is the basis of all life - from Pythagoras to Einstein, many great minds have brought us to this conclusion. We all know the effect that music can have on us, how it can literally pull on our heart strings. We have the intrinsic ability (even if we're not musical) to feel and recognise the harmonics in music or when there is discord. Sound and music has always been used by humanity whether in ritual, ceremony, healing or entertainment. I decided somewhere along the path that I wanted to deepen my understanding of why I make music - is for arts sake? Is it a therapeutic device (for me and the listener)? Is it for sheer entertainment, taking the listener on a journey and into different worlds...I decided it was all three, and that each reason was equally as important. Wanting to bring aspects of sound healing into my creative work I began my research into this subject, now, wanting to be authentic, I am led to a new chapter in my musical career. Diving into new waters, this week I will begin training at the British Academy of Sound Therapy. I will be sharing my process. Aside from bringing new knowledge into my composition and recording processes I will soon be facilitating gong meditation, conducting sound baths and holding sonic art sessions - all with a twist of course! I am excited to share this with you all.

Joseph Yanaku